Monday, October 4, 2010


This is a test of the emergency glass-testing system. This is only a test.

Such fun! Testing some glass colors from Creation is Messy, one of my favorite glass companies. So many glass colors seem to crossover from one company to another; but CiM (Creation is Messy) has some truly unique colors that I don't see in other places. Case in point, the CiM color, Zachary. It is a lovely shade of rich powdery blue. At first glance, it almost looks like the Periwinkle color you can get from most glass companies. But it most definitely is not Periwinkle. It is lighter and lacks the purplish tone of a true periwinkle color. Really, I would describe it as a true baby blue. This is a terrific base color and had some nice reactive qualities.

As you can see in the photo accompanying this post, I tested this color in various ways to see how much you could play with it. Some of my observations are as follows:

1) Zachary topped with a silvered ivory stringer leads to very organic reactions. I really liked the dark lines that popped out!
2) Zachary rolled in Effetre intense black frit led to an interesting reaction. I usually use intense black with ivory and get a very webby look over the ivory. On the Zachary, the intense black had a tendency to sink in and minimally web out on the very edges of each black spot. Actually, the intense black turned out more of a deep, deep purple against the Zachary. And, around each black/purple spot, the pretty powdery blue blooms out; but the background turns a grayish-blue and does not look like the original Zachary blue. Interesting! I can see using this combination to achieve an animal print look.
3) Zachary rolled in Raku frit- not particularly outstanding. The Raku changed color a bit; some soft peach and yellow tones popped out which look nice against the Zachary blue. Dark reactive lines hardly presented themselves at all. Using the Raku frit is a good way to achieve a soft, pastel accent on the Zachary, but nothing too exciting. Very quiet effects.
4) Zachary looks quite pretty encased in clear. I imagine this would etch beautifully, though I did not do an etch test.
Overall, Zachary is a very nice color to work with. It is described on the CiM site as an opaque baby blue and is part of their regular glass line. I highly recommend it!


  1. OOOOH! Cool. I love CiM colors and it's so much fun to test them!

  2. Great post, I felt like I was there having fun too!

  3. Thanks Jenn and Lisa, for your comments!