Monday, October 25, 2010

French Blue

Ah, the French! Ever the trend-setters in fashion and food, masters of the language of romance-- 'sigh'! I have always wanted to travel to Paris. The Louvre seriously attracts me; I want to meet Mona Lisa someday. Until then, I will have to satisfy myself with French fries and the world's prettiest shade of periwinkle blue, French Blue by Creation is Messy. It is described on their website as "an opaque blue". I think that description needs a bit of fleshing out. French Blue is a seriously rich shade of periwinkle blue. It is very easy to work with. One of my favorite colors in glass has been Effetre Periwinkle. I use it constantly. But sometimes I want a blue with a bit more of a presence. CiM French Blue is that color. It has undeniable style and stands out in the blue family, a chic French cousin to the standard periwinkle. In the photo, you can see the depth of the French Blue compared to Effetre Periwinkle. Just for kicks, I also compared Effetre Alabaster Dark Periwinkle to the French Blue. Many people have difficulty with the alabaster colors from Effetre, unfortunately. I love these colors- they almost seem to glow with an inner light. They are neither opaque or translucent. The Effetre Alabaster Dark Periwinkle is gorgeous but a bit brighter than the CiM French Blue. But due to the somewhat cantankerous nature of the alabaster glasses, French Blue is a safer bet for a zingy blue punch to add to your designs. Vive la France!

"Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers."- Voltaire

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