Sunday, October 10, 2010


Teal- oh, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.
I am an adamant fan of the color, teal. It's one of those colors that goes in and out of fashion every ten years or so. The fashion powers-that-be have deemed it worthy of current consideration in this year's fashion rules. I, however, always love teal, no matter how popular or unpopular it may be. It is rich and interesting, a complex color that is neither blue or green but an enchanting amalgam of both.
That being said, today's post is a review/comparison of some of the teals available in the glass world. My focus is on the CiM (Creation is Messy) teal, Great Bluedini (love that name!!). It is part of CiM's regular color line, described on their website as "an intense transparent teal". I definitely have to agree with that description. The color is incredibly saturated, a deep teal that leans towards blue. In the photo, Great Bluedini is the color on the far left. The first, smaller bead is the color in it's pure form. It is very dark, as you see. The second, larger bead is Great Bluedini encased over a white core. It is so dark that it is difficult to see a difference between the white core bead and the pure color. But it is an opulent color and, when used in a thin layer over white, very lovely. The color is easy to work with, not especially stiff when heated and did not boil in the flame. I compared Great Bluedini to Effetre Light Teal (third and fourth beads from the left). As you can see, the Light Teal is significantly lighter than the Great Bluedini, though in the same color family. The Light Teal color is easy to see, either pure or over a white core.
Next in the lineup, I used the Great Bluedini- Unique 2 (the fifth and sixth beads from the left). The Unique color is a saturated green teal, almost an emerald green with a hint of blue. Also an easy color to work with that is rich and beautiful, but decidedly different from the regular Great Bluedini color. The last color I tested was Effetre Dark Teal (the seventh and eighth beads from the left). To my eye, this color was difficult to distinguish from the Great Bluedini Unique color. The Dark Teal has a bit more blue in it. Over a white core, the Dark Teal shows up a little easier than the Great Bluedini Unique color did.
Overall, I would say that all of the teals are gorgeous and easy to work with. The CiM teals are more saturated colors than the Effetre teals. I like them all!

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