Tuesday, February 24, 2009


People are not always what they appear to be. A man may seem physically intimidating but actually be timid. An older person may seem as if they should be frail, but, in reality, may be quite strong. A sassy woman may seem agressive yet actually be hiding a sweet girly-girl inside. Human creatures have endless layers of complexity. It is easy to misjudge others. Without sufficient facts, we may jump to wrong conclusions or, perhaps, even think the worst of someone. How unfortunate. What can be seen on the surface is really just a teaser of what lies beneath, the cover of the book. If we don't look beyond the surface, we'll never know the true story inside. We'll never know what we might be missing.
Interestingly, we can apply this same principle to art. For example, we may hear an unfamiliar piece of music and instantly dismiss it as noise. But if we give it a chance, perhaps even listen to it repeatedly, we might be surprised at how it starts to 'grow' on us. We begin to hear the individual layers of the music, each individual component, how the notes are structured to build a harmonius whole. There may still be parts of the tune that we are not enamored of; but, overall we may enjoy the piece. At the very least, even if we dislike the melody, we may learn more about the very nature of music. This may also prove to be the case as we dissect the layers of persons we encounter. We may not be particularly attracted to their overall character, but still be able to learn something of value from them.
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