Monday, February 16, 2009


Words make me giddy. They are as tangible as color in my world. One of my most beloved tasks is naming my glass beads and jewelry pieces. To me, words are balls to be playfully tossed. At times, words are missiles, hurled with lethal intent. If wielded in a skillful manner, words can be used to win. Conversely, if handled in an amateurish way, words can fail you. One word can possess such power: stop; never. Some words conjure up pictures in your mind: shiver; explode. There exist words that are deeply satisfying to say aloud: boondoggle; discombobulate. Poetry is a word-party. Words dress up in festive garments and head out for a night on-the-town, ranging from a formal affair to a rowdy blowout. Many people avoid poetry, finding it incomprehensible and intimidating. However, words should not be purely practical. They can dance with joy in a song (which is simply a poem set to music). Give poetry a chance to trickle into your thoughts, rock your foundation, change your life. Use lively, colorful words to animate your speech. Revel in your marvelous ability to express yourself with words!


  1. Oooh, I've been doing this in the past week. I've been meditating on my scenery, even the cloudy, foggy, scenery and studying the colors and words just flow into my head as I'm trying to express what I see through various art forms. 10 pages in my journal worth!

    I revel even more in this incredible ability to express and communicate because I'm between languages right now...learning Mandarin. Before I did the blog and the jewelry, I was finding I was starting to lose my English, just a wee bit. And I started to understand how you can get trapped between two don't known enough to express yourself well in the new one, and you're starting to lose your old one. The blog and the art has been helping me maintain, even improve my English. Words that come to my head are trite and overused, so I have to use the for synomyms. It's been so fun. I love re-reading what I've wrote...saving for when I launch Kanna Glass Studios.

  2. I would be lost without my trusty thesaurus by my side. Actually, I have 4 thesauri and 3 dictionaries (and that's not counting foreign language editions).