Thursday, February 12, 2009


What puts a twinkle in your eye? What dazzles your view, overwhelms your senses, tickles your wit, leaves you thunderstruck? These are the things that will drive you to create your art.
Gray matter can be infused with shimmering color when it is riveted on what stirs you deep within. Focus on what brings you bliss. The possibilities are infinite: a purring cat, curled in your lap; a meteor shower hurtling overhead; the merry crackle of a campfire; the bubbly laughter of children; a smooth, silky chocolate treat; the deep silence of a cave; an exquisitely crafted piece of music; a show of affection from a dearly loved one. Take time to reflect on what triggers your passion and use that as a tool to create.


  1. I LOVES this photo. Is this one of your pencils?

  2. what an inspiration ...
    have a great week..
    mona& the gaffer girls

  3. No Jenn, not my artwork (although I love it and wish it was!). It is an image from an image program on my PC. I just thought it was so inspirational I had to use it!

  4. Thank you for the kind words, Gaffer Girls!