Thursday, July 9, 2009


OK- I'll admit it. I am a sci-fi geek. I have always enjoyed watching sci-fi movies. I am a HUGE Star Trek fan. My parents got me started on sci-fi, actually, when I was a wee girl. We used to whip up our TV dinners, crack out the ole' TV trays and settle in for some Captain Kirk and Mister Spock. Good times. I once attended a Star Trek convention. Admittedly, I was there for people-watching more than anything else. (You wouldn't believe how serious some of those people are about Star Trek. Fascinating.) And don't EVEN get me started on Star Wars. Naturally, I have passed on the science fiction torch to my own child.
Along with an interest in science fiction is my avid interest in astronomy. I follow all the activities of NASA (such as the recent repair of the Hubble telescope) and hope someday soon to visit a large observatory. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to see the night sky in some remote location, far from interfering city lights. Several years ago we were camping on top of a 10,000+ foot high mountain in Wyoming. The closest city was about 50 miles away and there was no moon. We just put our heads back and watched an incredible meteor display for hours. Breathtaking.
The more I learn about objects in the night sky, the more I want to learn. I am amazed by the beauty and quantity of galaxies, the rarity of comets, and what causes meteor showers. So much to learn and be continuously inspired by!
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"A sparkling trail/ Of cosmic glitterati/Attracts attention."-- Moon Katty Studios
"I open the scuttle at night and see the far sprinkled systems..."- Walt Whitman
"To Infinity and Beyond!"- Buzz Lightyear

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  1. ...i was once asked this question during a job interview..."if you could be a lighthouse or a shooting star, which one would you be & why..."

    and without hesitation i replied...why to be a part of the night sky would be magical...i always feel well as lucky & fortunate whenever i see a...SHOOTING STAR...

    i did end up getting the job!