Sunday, May 3, 2009


Pageantry, pomp and circumstance, majesty, nobility- sounds a bit intimidating. Royal courts and those who inhabit them always fascinate us, though, don't they? I have always been especially interested in Elizabethan (Tudor, that is) history. The clothing and jewelry styles of the Tudor period are often quite detailed and elaborate. Seems to me that it would have been mind-bogglingly uncomfortable to go through an entire day all gussied-up like that. Not an elastic waistband in sight. Pity.
"Pretty is the queen that rules our land."- Carrie Latet

I have just put a couple of new and ornate jewelry items in my Artfire shop. Please browse at your leisure!

(Earrings -called "Rouge Queen"- featured in this post are in store now. "Divasphere" bracelet also available.)


  1. Those earrings are so beautiful---I love the glass look--and the orange coloring.