Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The use of imagination is a dying art. Children's toys are no longer designed to stimulate a child's mind and thought process but, rather, to stimulate the bank accounts of the toy manufacturers. No big surprise there. Unfortunately, the mentality to spoon-feed our children has spread to the school system as well. They are not taught to think for themselves anymore. Information is presented in small 'bytes', just a smidge, barely a taste. The media and movie industry dictate to all of us what we will see, believe, feel and think. Sadly, we allow ourselves to be trained to accept this, like Pavlov's dogs. We are considered rogue or maverick to display independent thought, to openly express opposing thought. Of course, our thinking cannot be solely based on imagination or our own perspective; else all of it would be skewed in a biased direction. We have a need to acquaint ourselves with accurate information and use that truth as a standard for all that passes through our minds. But humans are born to THINK, to REASON, to DREAM—to fashion their cogitations into reality. We cannot allow our imaginative ability to wither from lack of use. We must stimulate it, provoke it, tease it, infuriate it, revive it—poke it with an insistent dream and make it jump! Allow our thoughts to wander free, to explore, instead of forcing them onto a preconceived pathway. As they wander, they will develop into new and amazing inventions. Perhaps they will rediscover forgotten things that were once dear and familiar. Set aside a bit of time to probe your thoughts in a peaceful setting with the aim of arousing your boundless imagination!

"Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun."—George Scialabba


  1. Yep. Yep. Yep. I find children don't utilize their imaginations enough. My sis and I were talking about this a little bit. We also thinking having less materially also helps stimulate the imagination. I mean, how many times have people noted that the box is often gets more use than the actual toy that came in it? In spite of the spoon feeding, I'm really glad to see my niece has a pretty good imaginative and creative side. She works with my mom on stamping and drawing and she works with me on jewelry. Sometimes we just need to activate that part of the brain more consciously to un-do to the Pavlovian training.

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  3. With children, I think it is imperative for parents to encourage use of imagination. Limit TV and video games, send them in the backyard to play, get them involved in art projects, etc. Get them reading for fun- this is crucial. Take them exploring. Ask silly questions. Banter with them. Whatever it takes!