Friday, September 4, 2009


Do you have a jewelry wardrobe? I must confess, I do, very much so. I am practically the Imelda Marcos of earrings (minus the attitude of greed and privilege). Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed to have such an obvious addiction to and affinity for jewelry. It is as if I were the type of person who dresses my small canine in teeny leather bomber jackets and tuxedos- just a wee bit obsessed and oblivious to the quizzical stares of others. As a jewelry artist I feel a bit more justified in adding to my collection. I've got to wear my own designs, don't I? And I simply must support my fellow jewelry artists (Endangered Creations, Sassy Glass Designs, Made for an Angel, etc.) by purchasing a few of their designs, don't I? But the bottom line is, truly, that I simply love jewelry. I revel in it. My motto is: don't leave home without it. You are not dressed unless you have a pair of earrings bobbing from your ears, at the very least, in addition to a swipe of your favorite lip color atop those pretty lips.

My mother taught me that jewelry is simply not worth having unless it is the 'real deal'. No costume pieces for me, as a general rule, though there have been rare exceptions (especially if vintage is involved).This does not mean that my jewelry must be luxurious or expensive. However, it is essential that my jewelry consist of high quality materials that are constructed in a solid and reliable way. I favor color in my jewelry- sometimes very intense and rich, sometimes very subtle and natural. I love both sterling silver and gold, especially unique, one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by an artist. I love natural stones and glass beads. I am very selective (some might say, PICKY) about jewelry I select for my own use. I have the same point of view regarding jewelry that I create for others to wear.

It is difficult for me to understand women who confine themselves to one small set of jewelry. Just one or two necklaces, bracelets, sets of earrings and a smattering of rings that they wear almost exclusively on a daily basis. I would get bored with that, I'm afraid. I love variety, the unexpected, in my jewelry. To wear the same jewelry everyday, for me, would be like wearing the same clothes everyday. Just. Not. Happening. Besides, I feel it is only fair to give each and every little treasure I own a spin around town, a chance to see daylight. I am wildly impractical in my viewpoints on baubles. But, hey, I am scathingly practical when it comes to shoes. I only wear comfortable (and I mean COMFORTABLE) shoes. No stiletto heels for this girl. Gotta balance the scales somehow, right?

So take a minute to tell me, which type of jewelry person are you? One regular set or a wardrobe to reflect your mood?

(The colorful earrings featured in this post are available in my Artfire shop.)
"Not on one strand are all life's jewels strung."- William Morris
"Variety is the soul of pleasure."- Aphra Behn


  1. Oh, I am now DEFINITELY a jewelry wardrobe, Imelda-Marcos type. I don't like having TOO much, because it gets buried. But, I'm getting to the point of designing a piece for each outfit. :-) And it makes me happy that I have the ability to do that.

    I used to be the aforementioned, a few pieces of costume jewelry...mostly because of budget. No more! You helped me change that! (Hee, hee!)

    Love this latest creation!

  2. ...WOW...these are GORGEOUS...&...with regards to's ON...i bet i have YOU outnumbered!!! :))))

  3. OK Nancy, I accept that challenge! When I reach final count on the earrings, I'll post about it just for you.... 1, 2, 3,... this may take a while... (feel free to join me).
    Thanks, you guys, for the kind words!

  4. Waiting with popcorn on the outcome of this Earring Count...